Welcome to *Saponem Opera.

Saponem Opera offers an extensive product line and services connected to soap  
making and handmade cosmetics.
Soaps made by cold process method, liquid soap and shampoo, balms, body  
lotions and other products can be found in the catalogues available on this site.
Saponem Opera has experience and research of more than 10 years and recently  
the support and collaboration of Roberto Akira Sugai.
Roberto Akira Sugai is an excellent chemist and soap maker resident in Sao  
Paulo, Brazil, with extensive experience in the area of quality, known for his  
incessant sharing and liking for teaching, participates in several discussion  
groups and runs a great blog where he explains and teaches the art of soap  
Currently has several projects underway, is an outstanding researcher and is  
currently supporting Saponem Opera in the development of their products.

Recently, Saponem Opera also decided to help other  small-scale makers of soap  
and other cosmetics to legalize their activities by clarifying in several  
workshops, legislation and the delivery of solutions that can be implemented to  
effectively legalize the activity. With this in mind Saponem Opera has now  
teamed up with Cosmetic Safety Consultants ltd, managed by Scott Grainger.
Scott Grainger is a cosmetic chemist and has been a cosmetic product safety  
assessor for many years. He himself is also a natural born soap maker and  
formulator of cosmetic products and supports in various blogs and groups,  
artisans and small businesses. Scott has personally made all of the cosmetic  
product categories that he assesses - this makes him the ideal person to support  
and understand the needs of the small artisan.

It is with great pleasure that we are here to serve you!
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